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About Us

The Solar Trade Association (STA) is the leading voice for the solar industry in the UK. We represent both the solar heating and solar power renewable energy sector groups. It was established in 1978 as a not-for-profit association and we  have a wide range of membership companies comprising  from installers, manufacturers, distributers, through to large scale developers, investors and law firms. In addition, it has a rapidly growing contingent of overseas members looking to do business in the UK.

The STA works closely with Government and other influential stakeholders on policy areas that effect solar’s deployment including financial incentives, modelling, planning and building regulations as well as technical standards. In addition, the STA provides expert advice on all these issues to its membership either individually or through its working groups and news letters.

The STA’s four key objectives are to:

1) Champion solar to investors, decision-makers and in the media to maximise positive perceptions

2) Promote high standards and strengthen the industry’s reputation through our technical and issue-specific working groups

3) Listen and respond diligently to membership needs to optimise membership satisfaction

4) Retain STA’s position as the most influential solar trade association with Government and be recognised by all stakeholders as the voice of the solar industry.

Solar Trade Association Introductory Leaflet

Key Benefits of Membership

Joining the STA means that you become part of the growing community of companies and individuals focused on solar in the UK.  Be part of our dynamic, influential and highly respected voice and you will benefit from:

  • The opportunity to work closely with Government to influence policy and standards
  • Access to industry experts providing advice on markets, policy, regulations, and technical support
  • Participation in working groups including technical aspects of PV and solar thermal
  • Referrals from the “find a member” enquiry services on STA website and from phone enquiries
  • Use of Association’s Logo
  • Keeping up to date with weekly newsletters
  • Member’s area on STA website
  • Updates on all regulatory changes and new technical specifications that affect your business
  • Access to market research studies (tracking industry trends, central source of information for solar)
  • Access to online library of STA reference documents and related material
  • Network with industry stakeholders at our well attended events and working groups
  • Discounted rates to attend STA and other UK industry conferences and exhibitions

Additional Membership Benefits :

In addition, there is representation on:

  • Technical Standards committees
  • Code for sustainable home committees
  • Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), strategy and related programs
  • Zero Carbon buildings
  • Building and Planning Regulations
  • European industry bodies EPIA and ESTIF


The STA is overseen by a Board of Directors and policy is decided on the principle of one member, one vote. Currently, beneath the Board there are several working groups covering: policy and lobbying, training, separate technical groups for PV and ST as well as groups for manufacturers, construction and merchant sectors.


STA Articles and Byelaws

The STA and its members are governed by the Articles and Byelaws. These documents set out the rules governing the Association including powers of the Board of Directors, membership criteria and disciplinary procedures.

The Articles and Byelaws may be updated from time to time and the current version can be downloaded below.

 STA Articles

STA Byelaws