Nation Celebrates UK’s Energy Favourite on Solar Independence Day

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4 July 2017 Nation Celebrates UK’s Energy Favourite on Solar Independence Day   Octopus Energy customers to achieve full solar independence at noon today Beauty of solar to be captured by Getty Images The 4th Solar Independence Day was underway today with the STA and its members leading the traditional national celebration on social media of the many benefits of going solar. Solar …

Solar Independence Day – 4th July 2017

Every year we celebrate the joy of solar on 4th July, our very own Solar Independence Day. Solar offers every country the opportunity to achieve independence from fossil fuels, from imports and associated geopolitical tensions, from unpredictable energy prices and, if the world acts together, from dangerous climate change. More than any other technology solar gives communities and individuals like you the opportunity to take positive control of your impact on the planet. …

Worldwide Coverage for STA

Solar overtaking nuclear here was a milestone that attracted international interest. From Brussels to Bangkok, our release, including CEO Paul Barwell’s words, were bounced around newsrooms across the world.

UK solar generation breaks new record

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 26 May 2017 UK solar generation breaks new record Overtakes electricity generated by nuclear for the first-time ever As the UK approaches the May bank holiday and basks in glorious sunshine, the electricity generated by solar power has today hit a new record. STA CEO Paul Barwell: “With the UK bathed in glorious sunshine today, we at the …

The Great British Solar Manifesto

The STA today publishes its ‘Great British Solar Manifesto’, summarising the tremendous contribution solar can make to the well-being and prosperity of Britain over the next Parliament

Clean Technology Industrial Strategy Joint Letter

We signed a joint letter with Renewable UK, The Electricity Storage Network, REA, Regen, and Scottish Renewables addressed to Secretary of State, Rt Hon Greg Clark MP. Download the letter below

It’s Budget Day!

It’s budget day! The STA has been arguing for nine months against extreme business rate rises for organisations using their own rooftop solar. Will the Chancellor do the right thing today?

Chancellor Urged to Drop the Solar Tax Hike

Key measures the solar industry is looking out for in the Spring Budget tomorrow: Exempt Microgeneration and Rooftop Cells and Solar from Business Rates The STA delivered a 200,000+