Business rates for ‘mainly export’ solar agreed with Valuations Office

But concern over 6-8 fold tax hike for business solar rooftops The draft rateable values for 2017 for all properties that pay business rates are published on the VOA website today [1] so companies can see how their properties have been valued. Included within the figures published is an unexpected sharp hike in the solar part of business rates for organisations …

Storage: ‘game-changer’ for homeowners & power system

Following a year of analysis and detailed discussions with members, the Solar Trade Association (STA) has published its position paper on the interaction between solar and energy storage, entitled “Solar + Storage Opportunities”

Policy Exchange Report

STA Responds to Policy Exchange Report

The new Policy Exchange report ‘Too Hot to Handle?’ highlights how extensively Government needs to act to decarbonise heat if the UK is to meet its legally binding carbon targets.