Working groups

The Solar Trade Association (STA) is made up of a number of Working Groups that focus on key areas facing the sector. They are a way for leading players in the solar industry to get together on a regular basis, share expertise and promote the common interests of the sector, and for our members to feed into the work of the STA. The groups meet anywhere between once a month to once a quarter. If you wish to attend any of these groups, please email

  • STA Policy Working Group
  • STA New Build Working Group meeting
Considers design and installation standards for storage; clarity on existing regulations e.g. vat treatment of storage, grid connection, smart power. We also will look at how to grow the storage market and where we can help to enable business models and ensure barriers are removed. There have been specific requests from our members to get input from storage manufacturers.

Chair: Dr. Andrew Crossland, Solarcentury
Vice Chair: Chris Roberts, Rock Clean Energy Ltd

Covers market reform; retrofitting storage to existing accredited sites; making storage bankable

Chair: Dan Taylor, Camborne Storage

Protecting existing assets from policy and regulatory changes; asset management; consideration of new business models

Chair: Giles Clark, AlSi Consulting
Vice Chair : Matt Black, Foresight Group

The STA New Build Working Group leads on increasing deployment of solar PV and solar thermal on new build domestic and commercial buildings. We work with the government, the construction industry and the public to make sure that solar is they key solution to sustainable buildings.

Chair: Paul Hutchens, Eco2Solar

The STA O&M Working Group works to establish standards, best practice priorities and needs in O&M in the industry. Themes include health and safety, performance and operational optimisation, data management, monitoring and communication, and biodiversity.

Chair: Vicki Ramsden , Wise Energy
Vice Chair: Ypatios Moysiadis: BayWa R.E.

The STA PV Rooftop and Storage Working Group leads on the domestic and commercial rooftop market. It discusses cost reductions, stakeholder engagement, impacts of Feed-in Tariff and Renewables Obligation policy and produces guides to help installers. The group also discusses technical issues surrounding G83, G59, MCS standards and fire safety standards, and is working to establish standards for the rapidly emerging storage industry.

Chair: Jonathan Bates, Photon Energy
Vice Chair: Robert Flynn, Solar Barn

STA Scotland, a sub-committee of the STA Board of Directors, coordinates the work of the STA in Scotland. The branch is helping to shape policy decisions that will enable Scotland to fully realise its potential for solar and storage applications within the electricity, heat and transport sectors. The working group focuses on removing barriers such as business rates, grid constraints, building standards, and planning frameworks and has a track record of delivering material outcomes to industry.

Chair: Chris Clark, Emtec Energy
Vice-Chair: Thomas McMillan, Savills

The STA Solar Thermal Working Group leads on all issues relating to the solar thermal industry, including policy issues such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and technical developments.

Chair: Patrick Davis, Cool-Sky Ltd