STA Blogs: The Future of Solar in Scotland

Blog by Chris Clark, Director of Emtec Energy & STA Scotland Chair Ahead of the Future of Solar in Scotland event on the 31st May, PWC Glasgow Chris Clark explains the history of STA Scotland and the bright future the group is planning for solar in Scotland.  Solar in Scotland, who would have thought it? That certainly seems to be the misguided view of a significant proportion of the UK population, except those that understand how the efficiencies of solar work. In 2015, as the UK solar market started to really feel the pinch from UK government, STA Scotland was …

STA Blogs: Swindon’s pioneering approach to solar

Blog by Steve Cains, Head of Power Solutions, Public Power Solutions Budget cuts and increasing pressure on services have compelled Local Authorities to think of different ways to fill the ever-growing funding gap. Councils have been taking different approaches to this problem, depending on local circumstances. Commercial investment boards set up by local authorities now scrutinise ways to generate long-term revenues whilst maximising the benefits for local residents and businesses. These range from investment in commercial property and regeneration to one local authority even setting up its own bank! The focus on sustainable income generation is now acute with the …

The Future of Energy – A Need for Self-Reliance

Blog by Paul Hutchens, Founder and Managing Director at Eco2Solar and STA Board Member We live in an age of fragile world markets, politically-motivated events, concerns around world food production and potentially climate change driven catastrophes – all of which impact on the availability and cost of energy production. This clearly highlights the need for the UK to become more self-reliant at a national level, and for the government to create mechanisms for us to move towards a more sustainable and secure society in terms of energy production and usage.

The UK Clean Growth Strategy and the Role for Solar in Delivering it

In October 2017 the UK Government published its Clean Growth Strategy, setting out the actions that it will take to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and help to lower the amount that consumers and businesses spend on energy, and putting clean growth at the centre of a modern Industrial Strategy. Leastways, that’s what the foreword written by Theresa May said it would do. A couple of months later, the Climate Change Committee (CCC), an independent body established by the Climate Change Act 2008 to advise government and report to Parliament on progress being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, published its …

Looking forward to 2018: A letter from Chris Hewett, Chief Executive

The STA is looking forward to 2018 as the year where greater optimism can emerge across the sector, albeit against a backdrop which is still much tougher than it was a few years ago. However, we are part of a global industry that is now hugely significant in the transition to a zero carbon economy where technologies continue to improve. Larger UK solar companies are now expanding their horizons to take advantage of global opportunities, whilst keeping their roots in domestic markets. At home, as direct government subsidies are removed, we will see the emergence of new business models for …

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Smart Energy Plan

24/07/2017 STA Policy Manager Chris Hewett was interviewed for BBC News on the publication of the BEIS smart energy proposals. Chris discussed the exciting growth of the UK storage and solar markets, while also highlighting the significant barriers faced and government opportunities for regulation change. As always the STA are proud to be representing the industry especially as we further expand STA Storage and as the country moves closer to smarter, flexible and low carbon power.  

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