Submission to HM Treasury on Budget 2018

This submission repeats much of our 2017 submission given no progress has been made to remove barriers to solar power, most of which fall under the Treasury’s remit. Since then deployment in solar PV has fallen to an eight-year low, with just 200MW of deployment expected for 2018 – a fall of 95% compared to 2015. The largest companies are now struggling to maintain an installer base. The need for a fair and level playing field for solar is urgent.

Consultation on the Feed-In Tariffs Scheme Copy

We strongly disagree with and are concerned about the extent to which the proposal to end the export tariff in addition to the feed-in-tariff is already destabilising the solar industry.

Solar Farm Land Management Charter

STA members remain committed to ensuring planning conditions have been met, and that good stewardship of the land is followed throughout.