Proposal for Solar Export Payment

This briefing explains the barriers to market solutions for small-scale installations and explains in simple terms an alternative solution which is now needed urgently.

Consultation: Market-wide settlement reform: outline business case

We see it as important that export HHS is included within the remit of the market-wide HHS reforms being proposed. Both the benefits of doing so as well as the negatives of it not being included would significantly impact the industry.

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Consultation on Default Tariff Cap

Although we support this proposal in principle, we do not view it as necessary at this time. We are concerned that the proposed criteria for the derogation may be inadequately defined, and may not reflect the current realities on the ground for our industry.

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Submission to HM Treasury on Budget 2018

This submission repeats much of our 2017 submission given no progress has been made to remove barriers to solar power, most of which fall under the Treasury’s remit.

Consultation on the Feed-In Tariffs Scheme

We strongly disagree with and are concerned about the extent to which the proposal to end the export tariff in addition to the feed-in-tariff is already destabilising the solar industry.

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