Trading Sunlight: Prospects for peer to peer energy trading

The increasing prevalence of variable renewable generation in the UK presents both challenges and opportunities. The necessity of the grid to become smarter and more flexible to adapt to this era has led to the emergence of new and innovative business models. Among the most exciting new technologies to enable the smart, flexible energy systems transitions are distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and Peer to Peer (P2P) trading. Many questions remain regarding P2P’s relevance to the energy sector. Drawing on a variety of case studies and original research of leading academics, this report aims to provide an open-minded overview of both …

O&M Working Group Deliverables

A compilation of Best Practice guidance resources developed by the O&M Working Group during 2017-18.
Project led by Ypatios Moysiadis (prev. Co-Chair), with the generous support of Greensolver Ltd.

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Making Solar Pay

A report on the future of the UK Solar PPA Market

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PwC and Sta solar survey

PWC and STA solar survey

Seeing through the gloom: UK solar seeks stability after subsidy cuts

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