Smart Metering Implementation Programme: Consultation on the Final SMETS1 and Advanced Meter Exception End Dates

We welcome the opportunity to comment on a key decision within the smart meter roll out and the implications this will have for solar homes and businesses. The coupling of microgeneration and smart meters is an important step towards a smart, flexible energy system. It is important that the policy and regulatory framework behind the smart meter roll out is aligned and complimentary to the Government’s wider vision for renewable technologies – as set out in reports such as the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan. Solar PV and other forms of microgeneration are key enablers of smart systems and many of our members are on the frontline of developing associated flexibility and smart energy management services at all scales. The successful roll-out and positive customer journey of smart meters to solar homes and businesses is one component integral to these markets developing and being accessible to homes and businesses on a wide basis.

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