DECC minister credits STA with raise in Feed-in Tariff budget

Speaking at a debate on the Feed in Tariff today, Energy Minister Lord Nick Bourne has credited the STA’s £1 emergency solar rescue plan, saying the proposal had a major impact on DECC’s final decision within the 2015 Feed-in Tariff Review. In the debate, concerning the Feed-in Tariff order that will implement the changes, Lord Bourne said:

“We have listened carefully to the views of industry in the consultation—in particular, the Solar Trade Association’s £1 plan—and took account of its responses in redesigning our scheme. We revised tariffs upwards to reflect evidence that it provided, we allocated more budget to solar under the £100 million cap to reflect its asks and we are implementing a cap system which allows us to recycle underspend and consider the balance of caps between years.”

Although the outcome of the Feed-in Tariff review was far from ideal, this is at least a sign that our proposals helped to provide the necessary evidence to increase tariffs and caps. One more victory for the STA. We will continue to push for solar power to receive the supportive policy framework it needs to enable growth, and in doing so help ensure a secure, lost cost, low carbon energy future.