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PV Rooftop Working Group

  • October 9th - 12:45-14:45
  • Venue: Bird & Bird LLP

The STA PV Rooftop and Storage Working Group leads on the domestic and commercial rooftop market. It discusses cost reductions, stakeholder engagement, impacts of Feed-in Tariff and Renewables Obligation policy and produces guides to help installers. The group also discusses technical issues surrounding G83, G59, MCS standards and fire safety standards.

STA Scotland Working Group

  • September 3rd - 09:00-12:00
  • Venue: Anderson Strathern, Edinburgh

STA Scotland, a sub-committee of the STA Board of Directors, coordinates the work of the STA in Scotland. The branch is helping to shape policy decisions that will enable Scotland to fully realise its potential for solar and storage applications within the electricity, heat and transport sectors. The working group focuses on removing barriers such as business rates, grid constraints, building standards, and planning frameworks and has a track record of delivering material outcomes to industry.

O&M and Asset Management 2019

  • December 5th (All Day)
  • Venue: Bird&Bird

Join us on December 5 2019 at Bird&Bird LLP for the STA and SolarPower Europe's annual O&M and Asset Management conference.

This event is now in its fourth year running, and has become the highlight of the O&M calendar. Tickets sold out last year, so register now to avoid disappointment.

Invest in the Italian Solar PV Market

  • September 6th - 08:30-12:30
  • Venue: PwC


With the new subsidies coming into effect in the next few weeks, Italy is poised to scale up the top five list of the major Solar PV markets in Europe.

Energy market regulation, corporate PPAs, self-consumption and renewable energy communities are the main focus of stakeholders in the Italian solar PV market today.


Setting Sights on Scottish Solar 2019

  • September 2nd (All Day)
  • Venue: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation


Join us in Edinburgh on September 2 for our annual STA Scotland conference.

Tickets sold out last year, so register now to avoid disappointment.

RE-SourceUK 2019

  • July 8th - 09:20-16:15
  • Venue: The Guildhall, London

RE-SourceUK 2019 is the UK’s leading corporate and public sector energy procurement event.

RenewableUK and the Solar Trade Association are working in partnership to deliver this event in the UK, bringing the European RE-Source platform to the UK for the first time.

Webinar: Storage Markets Across Europe: Czech Republic and UK

  • May 3rd - 10:00-11:00
  • Venue: Webinar

The Solar & Storage Task Force has launched a webinar series to explore the status of solar & storage markets across Europe. These webinars will feature representatives from National Associations from different European countries, who will present an update and outlook of their national solar & storage markets.


  • Andrew Lam – Government Affairs and Relations Manager, Energy Products, Tesla
  • Fabian Hafner – Energy Policy Analyst, Tesla


  • Jan Fousek – CEO, Czech Association Energy Storage and Batteries (AKU-BAT CZ) and Chairman of Supervisory Board, Czech Solar Association
  • Nicholas Gall – Senior Policy Analyst, UK Solar Trade Association

Please note: members can attend this webinar for free. The cost for non-members is €199.

Sign up now.

G99 & G100: Grid Connection and Export Limitation

  • May 23rd - 11:00-16:00
  • Venue: Solar Trade Association

This 1-day course covers the connection of large scale embedded generators to the distribution network. It is suitable for contractors installing solar PV systems, wind turbines and batteries up to around 50MW. Where candidates are going on to complete G99 applications on behalf of a client, Narec DE can provide follow-on consultancy to assist with securing grid connections.

STA members receive a 50% discount.

Rooftop Solar Roadshow

  • May 9th - 12:30-17:00
  • Venue: Bristol - Edinburgh - Peterborough


Calling all installers!

The Rooftop Solar Roadshow is a set of half-day seminars aimed at supporting SME installers to navigate and master the new post-subsidy solar landscape in the UK.

The permanent closure of the FiT scheme at the end of March is predicted to impact the residential retrofit sector most but the long-term market opportunity should not be overlooked. While public support for solar is exceptionally high and new technologies are enabling consumers to access additional benefits, 96% of homes in the UK still do not have solar on their roofs.

These educational seminars will commercially upskill installers to leverage drivers such as the uptake of EVs and Local Authority initiatives to unlock new business and help accelerate the smart energy transition. Attendees will also be briefed on how the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), the remaining government policy mechanism the STA helped design, could operate via suppliers and how it could affect consumers.

A workshop by an award winning sales trainer, Q&A sessions and networking opportunities will ensure attendees get the most value out of the seminar.

Bristol - Edinburgh - Peterborough


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Staying positive – The Smart Export Guarantee and negative electricity prices in GB

  • March 29th - 14:00-15:00
  • Venue: Webinar Insights

As the Feed-in Tariff draws to a close at the end of this month, Government has put forward a “Smart Export Guarantee” (SEG) for households and businesses with on-site renewable generation.

This proposed price floor of zero would supposedly protect prosumers from the risk of negative electricity prices – But how significant a risk is this?

What does the evidence from other jurisdictions tell us?

And how can we ensure that all renewable electricity receives a fair market price?


Join the STA policy team for an in-depth look at the SEG, and what a future of increasingly volatile wholesale power prices could mean for the rooftop solar industry going forward.

Registration now open!


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