PRESS RELEASE: Industry calls for post-election policy drive to match parties’ net-zero ambition

Solar Trade Association
Immediate Release
13 November 2019

Today the Solar Trade Association is calling for the urgent delivery of key policies to build on the successes of the past decade and to unlock the true potential of solar in the UK. [1]

The STA has set out three key deliverables which would drive the rapid levels of deployment required to decarbonise the power sector by 2030, including holding regular CfD auctions inclusive of solar, amending Ofgem’s remit to include the UK’s net zero emissions target, and rolling out policies to boost rooftop solar, including in the new build housing sector. Boosting the uptake of solar through the next decade needs to form an essential part of the next Government’s package of measures to deliver net zero as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

STA Chief Executive said: “The 2020s are going to be absolutely key in accelerating the UK’s transition to our net zero future. Whoever wins the election will need to hit the ground running by transforming welcome future targets into urgent, robust action for tackling the climate emergency.  We are shining a spotlight on the practical policies that will drive the uptake of cost-effective, popular renewables at scale into the 2020s and beyond. We urge all parties to seize the initiative and work with industry to drive these forward.”

Solar continues to be the most popular renewable energy technology, consistently recording more than 80% public support since opinion tracking began in 2012 [2] and costs to deploy the technology have tumbled in recent years, making it one of the most cost-effective options available today. [3] A greater roll-out of this technology enabled by government policy would create thousands more green jobs, and boost the deep decarbonisation necessary across the power, heat and transport sectors.




Editors notes:

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Background on the Solar Trade Association:

The mission of the Solar Trade Association is to empower the UK solar transformation. We are paving the way for solar to deliver the maximum possible share of UK energy by 2030 by enabling a bigger and better solar industry. We represent both solar heat and power plus energy storage, and have a proven track record of winning breakthroughs for all three technologies.