PRESS RELEASE: Industry welcomes NIC call for new regulator powers to reach net zero

Solar Trade Association
Immediate Release
14 October 2019

On Friday 11 October 2019 the National Infrastructure Commission published a report calling for new powers to be handed to Ofgem and other sector regulators to “promote the achievement of net zero by 2050 and improve resilience,” and for government to set out a long-term strategic vision for each of the regulated sectors. [1] The STA welcomes the recommendations made by the Commission. [2]

STA Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “It is vital that every regulator, government department, and public institution is geared towards a net zero future. We welcome these recommendations as a crucial step which would serve to shift Ofgem’s objectives to tackle modern challenges such as decarbonisation and climate change. In recent years, there have been a number of decisions made by Ofgem, on issues such as network charging, that have hindered the rapid deployment of solar and other renewable technologies. This has been partly due to Ofgem’s objectives being out of step with the increasing urgency of tackling climate change.”


Editors notes:

[1] National Infrastructure Commission – Strategic Investment and Public Confidence:

[2] The recommendations made by the NIC include:

  • Regulators Ofcom, Ofgem and Ofwat should have new duties to promote the achievement of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and improve resilience
  • The government should set out a long-term strategic vision for each of the regulated sectors, through strategic policy statements within the first year of each Parliament, to support lasting plans and stable funding
  • Most major strategic investments should be removed from the price control processes and opened to competition to support innovation
  • Regulators should be able to prevent companies from engaging in price discrimination that does not provide an overall benefit to consumers
  • The UK Regulators Network should be given a stronger leadership role through the appointment of an independent chair to promote collaboration and coordination, and ensure markets continue to deliver for consumers.


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Background on the Solar Trade Association:

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