Ikigai Capital

  • Address: 1 Fore St Avenue, London, EC2Y 9DT
  • Email: info@ikigai-capital.co.uk
  • Website: Ikigai-capital.co.uk
  • Services: Consultant, Developer, Digital Energy, Partnership organisation
  • Sector: Innovator


Ikigai Capital was founded in 2017 on the 4 core philosophical principles of “Ikigai”, with the objective of supporting industrial and commercial (I&C) customers / critical national infrastructure (CNI) owners, clean technology suppliers and investors to do: What the world needs, What we are passionate about, Where our skills lie, What is financeable / profitable. Ikigai focuses exclusively on bridging the energy ‘trilemma’ by providing 3 mutually reinforcing (non-conflicting) services – strategic investment advisory, technology accelerator and project developer – each of which we would draw on to deliver a robust, innovative and bankable solution for our customers. Our aim is to offer "profitability as a service" to our customers through the optimised use of energy.