PV CYCLE aisbl

  • Address: Boulevard Brand Whitlock 114, box 5, Brussels, 1200
  • Email: info@pvcycle.org.uk
  • Website: www.pvcycle.org.uk/
  • Services: Other
  • Sector: Other, PV - Commercial Rooftop, PV - Domestic, PV - Large-Scale Development


PV CYCLE UK is a Producer scheme, providing full compliance and waste management services under the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. Established in 2013, PV CYCLE UK plays a pivotal role in enabling UK-based PV companies to execute their WEEE, battery and waste treatment obligations. PV CYCLE UK is an initiative of PV CYCLE – the first collective waste management and compliance provider for PV panel waste in Europe. PV CYCLE also operates the only PV Distributor take-back scheme in the UK. For more information, visit www.pvcycle.org.uk or dts.pvcycle.org.uk. You can also find PV CYCLE on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.