• Address: 21 Ryland Road, London, NW5 3EA
  • Email: SC@RheEnergise.com
  • Website: www.rheEnergise.com
  • Services: Lead generation, Storage
  • Sector: C&I and Utility-Scale Storage, Innovator, Storage


RheEnergise: "Lifetime energy abundance" We Innovate in pumped energy storage. Traditional pumped energy storage (using water) provides 96% of all energy storage globally today. It is the oldest and most mature of all energy storage technologies. It works by pumping water up a hill at times of cheap power & releasing it to regenerate the energy at times when its expensive. RheEnergise innovates by: Using a high tech/ high density fluid, in a closed loop system, we achieve 2.5 x power density & 2.5 x energy density when compared to traditional pumped energy. Reacting in seconds to full power, with energy storage capabilities measured in hours or even days. Analysis shows a levelised costs of storage 35% below competing technologies (even with the predicted cost down pathways for those technologies).