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  • Services: Solar Heat
  • Sector: Innovator, PV - Commercial Rooftop, PV - Domestic, PV - Large-Scale Development, Solar Heat


Safeguard against future price increases with Solivus’s innovative, renewable solar energy generation, versatile energy storage and trading solutions for the commercial sector. Our unique solar fabric is an ultra-lightweight Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) from Heliatek. It allows for solar installations on large commercial buildings where roof puncturing can cause issues with its integrity, or where conventional solar is too heavy. We are also to bring you the latest in flywheel battery technology that can charge electric vehicles in minutes, not hours, without digging up roads or installing expensive high-power cables. As we are taking orders for a mega-installation across our clients in 2021/2022 we will have a limited supply. To make sure that you can benefit from the latest in solar technologies and to understand the cost and CO2 savings, please register your interest below.