STA Innovators

Rigorous R&D, bright minds and enterprising companies eager to disrupt status quo energy systems will accelerate our path towards decarbonisation. We understand that association memberships are not typically prioritised at such early stages of your journey. However, being part of a broader industry network can offer many valuable benefits.

This is why STA is offering a free year of membership to companies in the start-up phase, which are developing innovative technologies or new business models. STA Innovators aims to foster up-and-coming innovators and inventors who are designing solutions linked to solar generation, heat and battery storage for the low carbon, smart power future.

What will membership mean for you?

Enhance your networks in solar and storage industries

  • Free access to eight industry working groups to gain knowledge and contacts in the solar and storage sectors
  • Discounted tickets for STA events and conferences

Broaden your communication

  • The STA will showcase your innovations in our communication materials to the industry  stakeholders and policymakers
  • The STA Quarterly Innovation Newsletter will promote and include information on your business

Increase investment opportunities

  • Opportunity to feature in discussions with policymakers about government innovation funds
  • STA has a significant number of members in the finance sector who specialise in solar and storage investment offering Seed to VC level financing.

For more information on who would qualify for this Innovators membership see the criteria here.


  • Innovators Ambassador

    Ypatios Moysiadis


  • Ypatios Moysiadis’ early years spent growing up in an industrial coal mining town in Greece had a profound effect on his career and helped embed a focus on sustainability in all his future ventures.

    Starting as a management consultant, he specialised in assisting pre-seed and growth phase start-ups and SMEs across different organisations. He capitalized on the legislative introduction of renewable energy incentives and expanded his scope into the development, construction and operation of renewable energy assets. This work lead to posts at major British and international organisations like Galliford Try Group, Foresight Group and BayWa r.e. across several EU countries.

    Today, Ypatios focuses on sustainability and innovation, mostly in the Greentech and Cleantech spaces. He is a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School, helps coach start-ups and invests in cleantech companies himself.


  • “Early-stage companies are often caught out by a lack of resources and connections with industry. The STA’s Innovators network will help strengthen entrepreneurship by bringing innovators into the fold.”

    Tom Haywood
    Investment Manager
    Foresight Group
  • “Never have there been more opportunities for low-carbon innovation in the UK than there are today. STA Innovators aims to give a voice to some of the most exciting new start-ups across this rapidly evolving industry.”

    Simon King
    Principal in Ventures Group
    Octopus Ventures

*all views expressed herein are personal and do not necessarily reflect company views.








Our Innovation membership at the STA has been extremely helpful as we build our peer-to-peer energy trading platform. We’ve had the opportunity to meet with key players within the solar industry – ranging from solar installers and potential partners, to thought leaders and regulatory experts.”

Yi Jean Chow
Product Manager