Past Events


SolarPower Summit 2018

  • March 14th- March 15th
  • Venue: TBC

Organised by SolarPower Europe, the SolarPower Summit is recognized throughout the solar sector as the most important event on the development of global solar markets. For the 13th year in a row, this flagship event of the solar sector in Europe is the only forum that brings together the leading European solar companies, high level European policymakers and international media to discuss the state of the solar sector globally, and more specifically in Europe.

Large Scale Solar Europe: The Transition to Subsidy Free

  • March 13th- March 14th
  • Venue: Aviva Stadium

Large Scale Solar Europe: The Transition to Subsidy Free is the first ever subsidy free solar conference looking at the evolution of solar financing and development across Europe.

Attendees will learn about recent utility scale subsidy free projects already deployed or in motion across Europe looking at opportunity and discover different feasible business models capable of operating free of a government support mechanism.

Energy Storage Summit

  • February 27th - 09:00-18:00
  • Venue: Victoria Park Plaza

Following the success of this sell-out conference, held earlier in 2017 in partnership with National Grid and hosting over 300 delegates, the Energy Storage Summit returns again on 27-28 February 2018.

Renewable power in Colombia: the time is now

  • February 21st - 16:30-17:30
  • Venue: Webinar

While Colombia is a country with a huge potential for renewable power generation, it has so far been lagging behind most of its Latin American peers in attracting renewable energy investment.

Recent regulatory developments and Government incentives are opening new opportunities for UK renewable power developers and investors. Join Leading experts from Posse Herrera Ruiz, as they brief us on the latest commercial and regulatory developments in Colombia.

Behind the Meter Storage Working Group

  • February 6th - 14:45-16:30
  • Venue: Watson Farley Williams

The STA BTM Storage working group aims to responsibly and sustainably grow the residential and commercial storage market by supporting different business models and increasing connections with the broader smart power industry, such as EVs and smart home appliances. Regulatory clarity, including the VAT and business rates treatment of storage features heavily in the sessions. The group also discusses design and installation standards, grid-related issues including charging and metering, aggregation services and the development of new storage-enabling tariffs.


PV Rooftop Working Group

  • February 6th - 11:45-14:30
  • Venue: Watson Farley Williams

The STA PV Rooftop and Storage Working Group leads on the domestic and commercial rooftop market. It discusses cost reductions, stakeholder engagement, impacts of Feed-in Tariff and Renewables Obligation policy and produces guides to help installers. The group also discusses technical issues surrounding G83, G59, MCS standards and fire safety standards.

Large Scale Asset Management Working Group

  • February 1st - 15:00-17:00
  • Venue: Simmons & Simmons

The STA Large Scale and Asset Management working group leads on protecting existing assets from policy and tax risks, maximising value from existing assets— from O&M contracts to PPAs, and identifying new business models. A key topic of engagement has been working to improve dialogue with Distribution Network Operators on annual planning and outage management.

Grid Scale Working Group

  • January 30th - 10:00-13:00
  • Venue: Simmons & Simmons

The STA Grid Scale Working group seeks to address the barriers facing utility scale battery storage developments, to enable its widespread adoption. Themes include working with Ofgem on co-location guidance for solar+storage, and ensuring a role for grid-scale storage in the Frequency Response and Capacity markets. 

Solar Finance & Investment Europe

  • January 30th- January 31st
  • Venue: London - Grange City Hotel

Solar Finance & Investment Europe is the leading event for PV asset owners, developers and financiers all over Europe to discuss secondary market trends, refinancing, post-subsidy development and international opportunities. If you looking for anyone that is buying or selling a PV asset or is developing one this is the place to be.

O&M Working Group

  • January 25th- October 24th
  • Venue: Bird & Bird

The STA O&M Working Group works to establish standards, best practice priorities and needs in O&M in the industry. Themes include health and safety, performance and operational optimisation, data management, monitoring and communication, and biodiversity.

Topics to be discussed include: SPE/STA O&M Best Practice Guidelines; STA O&M Health and Safety Best Practice Guide; Training and Accreditation; Crossover with STA Large Scale Asset Management Group; and future priorities for the O&M working group in 2018.

Additionally, we are hoping IBM will be presenting on using data and artificial intelligence in O&M (to be confirmed).

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