Proposal for Solar Export Payment

Government has published its response to the consultation on the Feed-in Tariff (FIT), confirming that despite 91% of multi-stakeholders opposing the move, the export tariff will be closed in March alongside the generation (FIT) tariff. This means that new small-scale solar installations will have no route to market to be remunerated for the electricity they export back to the grid from April next year. We have been working over summer with members, key stakeholders and in consultation with industry experts including Nigel Cornwall of Pixie Energy in order to develop an alternative solution. This briefing explains the barriers to market solutions for small-scale installations and explains in simple terms an alternative solution which is now needed urgently.

Our priority is to reinstate confidence in the industry and to avoid or minimise any policy gap. We want to secure fair remuneration that protects the interests of prosumers in line with new EU law, and in support of the UK smart energy agenda. The Government’s response to the FIT consultation included a commitment to publish in due course ‘specific proposals for future arrangements’ for a route to market for small-scale, low-carbon generation. The failure to publish these proposals before, or alongside, the decision to close the Export Tariff is damaging and short-sighted.

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