Solar Independence Day

Every year we celebrate the joy of solar on 4th July, our very own Solar Independence Day. Solar offers every country the opportunity to achieve independence from fossil fuels, from imports and associated geopolitical tensions, from unpredictable energy prices and, if the world acts together, from dangerous climate change. More than any other technology solar gives communities and individuals like you the opportunity to take positive control of your impact on the planet.

It’s been a rocky year for solar this year but some amazing things have also happened. UK solar generation beat coal and overtook nuclear for the first time – and then a whopping 86% of you said you loved solar. Internationally, a solar plane flew around the world and China and India went nuts for solar. The technology landscape is evolving faster than ever around solar to deliver total solutions; smart grids, EVs and storage. We want you to put a face to the tremendous hope that the solar revolution​ brings so please tweet, facebook or email us a picture of your favourite solar project and tell us what you love about solar!

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