Solar for Households

Over 900,000 homes across the country already benefit from clean, affordable solar power. This proven technology has a 93% satisfaction rating. Solar puts the power to act on climate change in your hands and gives you better control over your future energy bills.

The cost of solar has tumbled over the years, with a good-quality 4kW system costing around £5000 today, and there are several collective purchase schemes run by Local Authorities which can cut costs even further. By going solar you will support local jobs and business, and you might inspire your neighbours to join the solar revolution too!

Solar is the gateway to a smart, green home. Developments in new technologies which integrate with solar, such as battery storage, electric vehicles and home energy management apps are opening up new possibilities for households to slash their emissions and to actively drive Britain’s clean energy transition.

Our resources below will empower you to go solar with confidence, to understand the economics and climate benefits of your choices and to explore new opportunities in the smart energy system. We also explain what is going on with the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee.