How solar can help our hospitals

Chris Roberts, our Technical Specialist, recently wrote an article for Health Business magazine, a publication for medical professionals.

A range of benefits and opportunities make solar a key technology for hospitals to consider. They need a lot of electricity, and they need it cheap – to protect front-line medical services – and reliable. With their large roof space they are ideally placed to benefit from competitively priced Power Purchase Agreements, often cheaper than buying power from the grid. Moreover, as hospitals are running flat out all day they are also likely to achieve a much higher rate of self-consumption than many buildings, up to 100%, the holy grail of commercial solar installs. Under these conditions an install can pay for itself in less than 10 years if paid for outright by the owner, though there are also a range of other financing models.

To learn more about what solar can do for our health sector read the whole article here.