Energy Systems: Storage 2019

Solar Trade Association event

December 2nd - 12:30-17:30

  • Organiser: Solar Trade Association & Renewable UK
  • Venue: Eversheds Sutherland
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Join the UK’s leading renewable trade associations, RenewableUK and the Solar Trade Association to explore what our energy system would need from storage to achieve 100% of our energy needs from renewable generation, and the new technologies that can get us there.



Why attend?
In the third quarter of 2019, more UK electricity was generated from renewable technologies than from fossil fuels for the first time in history. The rapid growth in the share of variable renewable generation on the grid means that flexibility and storage will play an increasingly important role in balancing and supporting the system.
From domestic batteries to pumped storage, storage technologies are key to increasing and using renewable electricity efficiently, and are already creating opportunities for innovative new services and business models.

Where do we go from here?

At this conference, we will discuss:
  • The current state of the market: Project developers will share lessons learnt and what works
  • Emerging technologies: While Lithium ion dominates the market, other storage technologies have an important role to play in delivering a smart, flexible future energy system
  • Interseasonal storage: What is the current status of large scale physical and chemical storage, and when will these become commercially viable


Who will you meet?

Attendees will benefit from the opportunity to connect with leading energy storage experts in one location, learn about current progress and opportunities, and get insight into future trends and policy needs for the sector. At the event will be developers, consultants, grid specialists, investors, legal professionals, system specialists, policy analysts as well as representatives from government and press.

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