Next steps for driving innovation in the UK energy sector: collaboration, commercialisation and the impact of policy

Partner Event

March 7th - 08:30-13:00

  • Organiser: Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum
  • Venue: Central London
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This seminar will discuss next steps for supporting innovation in UK energy generation, and delivering leadership in new energy technology.

In the context of the Clean Growth Strategy and the Industrial Strategy, delegates will discuss best practice for accelerating innovation across natural gas, nuclear, heat and renewable energy technologies, and latest thinking on addressing potential barriers around energy efficiency, access to finance and bringing new technology to market on a commercial footing, as government seeks engagement from the private sector, higher education and elsewhere in upgrading the energy system.

Delegates will assess the impact that the Energy Innovation Programme and the Small Modular Reactors competition have had as part of delivering innovation across energy infrastructure.

They will also consider the prospects for the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator and the recently announced £90m Network Innovation Competition.

Further sessions will discuss the opportunities for collaboration involving scientific Research Councils, universities, and industry players and their supply chains, to support the development of the energy system and new markets - looking at leadership for energy innovation across smart technologies, and priorities for securing the skills base and supporting the export markets for high-value products.

There will also be discussion on attracting investment and growing investor confidence, the development of network infrastructure, and accelerating energy decarbonisation.