Segen- Webinar Series

Partner Event

May 26th - June 26th

Upskill in Downtime

Make good use of enforced time off by learning new skills.

Segen have been busy working with leading manufacturers to bring you a series of webinars to keep your brain occupied during your downtime.

Webinars from leading manufacturers like SolarEdge, EMA, Enphase, JinkoSolar and Solis are live on the events page now-register today!

And look out for more from HuaweiPylontech and portal training webinars from Segen.

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Webinar Schedule

Tigo Webinar – Monitoring- 18-May-20 11:00
SMA Webinar: G100 – Fulfilling the requirements with SMA- 19-May-20 10:30
Enphase Webinar – Envoy Metered Installation Intermediate- 22-May-20 09:30
Huawei Webinar – UK Residential, C&I Smart PV Solution Walk Through- 26-May-20 11:00
Huawei Webinar – Understanding G99 Applications- 26-May-20 15:00
Huawei Webinar – FusionSolar Overview- 27-May-20 11:00
Tigo Webinar – Safety and Selective Deployment- 27-May-20 11:00
Huawei Webinar – Supply Chain Introduction- 28-May-20 11:00
Huawei Webinar – Power Limitation- 28-May-20 15:00
Huawei Webinar – AI Boost AFCI- 29-May-20 11:00
Huawei Webinar – Smart Design Tool- 29-May-20 15:00
Webinar – Simplifying DNO Applications- 03-Jun-20 10:00
Enphase Webinar – Setting up Enlighten Manager Advanced- 26-Jun-20 09:30