Solar Power Engineers Forum

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March 13th (All Day)



The Solar Power Engineers Forum is designed to actively encourage open debate and shape 'Best Practice' between UK based Electrical Engineers from a wide range of organisations within the solar power sector.

The Forum provides an open and friendly environment in which members are encouraged to contribute to discussions on current technical practices and asset management issues, as well as suggesting future agenda topics that cover the issues that affect their organisations.  Engineers Forums are effective and important platforms for sharing of technical ideas and issues that contributes to the continual improvement of the knowledge of the members of the Forum, which in turn improves the performance of the organisations that they work for.

The Forum will allow for cross fertilisation of ideas between engineers from a variety of organisations.

The informal structure of the Forum provides the ideal opportunity to discuss challenges, successes and what could be done to improve operations and planning in the future.

Who should join?

The Solar Power Engineers Forum is a specialised event - for Asset Managers, Engineers and others responsible for designing, building, operating, maintaining or managing solar power sites.

Discussion points

As the Solar Power Engineers Forum is a member only Forum, the agenda will be driven by issues raised by members that affect the performance of their solar power generation assets.


The Forum will be held twice a year on a membership subscription basis, where an organisation will commit to two forums in any one membership year.  It is planned that the Forums will be held during September and March at EA Technology's Capenhurst office (near Chester). The annual company membership fee is £480 and entitles one delegate from the company to attend each meeting.  There is flexibility on who attends from the member company and there is no requirement for the same individual to attend multiple meetings.  Attendance for additional delegates from the same company can be purchased for an annual fee of £240.


Address: Capenhurst Office