STA Storage: Market Access & Systems Integration

Solar Trade Association event

November 7th - 12:30-20:00

  • Organiser: STA
  • Venue: BLP


The rapid reduction in the costs of battery storage is opening up the energy market and heralding a revolution in the way we generate, distribute and consume electricity. It will transform how services are procured and provided in the electricity system and expand the scope of market participants to smaller generators, aggregators and electric vehicles. Storage is also the key to growth of renewables providing an economic solution to managing variability and intermittency. On the back of increasing government and media interest, this STA event will look behind the hype and explore how the energy markets are already evolving as storage is integrated, as well as being a forum for practical discussions about future market changes.

Sessions with a range of industries and policymakers will cover overcoming network bottlenecks for fair access to flexibility markets and three cross-sector panel discussions on balancing the network, self-regulating behind the meter storage, and resolving issues related to co-location.

The event will be followed by a networking drinks reception.



Address: Adelaide House, London Bridge, London EC4R 9HA