Webinar: Best Selling Practices for Inverter Upgrades

Partner Event

February 19th - 16:00-17:00


Despite steep and often dramatic FiT reductions, the UK PV market remains resilient and open to new ways to stimulate demand. Upgrading PV systems is one way that PV installers have continued to invigorate the market. Dedicated to the UK PV market, SolarEdge is committed to promoting and endorsing best practices within this specific market sector and delivering value to its customers.
We'd like to help your business thrive, whilst supporting the integrity of the UK PV market, so please join our webinar on 19th February to learn from Christelle Lawson, SolarEdge’s UK Country Manager and STA Board Member, as she shares our guide to best practices in selling inverter upgrades.

Supported by the STA

This webinar has been developed in coordination and with the support of the STA. We're pleased to announce that Gemma Stanley, STA Policy Analyst, will be joining the webinar to discuss both the implications and responsibilities facing the industry when it comes to selling PV system upgrades.

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