PRESS RELEASE: STA reaction to 2020 Budget

Solar Trade Association
Immediate Release
11 March 2020

STA Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “Unfortunately this Budget is thin on measures to tackle climate change and support the transition to a low-carbon economy. Renewables are vital to reaching net zero, and without good policies in place to support the uptake of solar we will fall well short of the 40 gigawatts needed by 2030 to keep on track. Time is running out to act.”

“The freeze on the carbon price support rate is particularly disappointing, as is the lack of any meaningful policy on energy efficiency and green improvements for existing homes, such as solar and battery storage.”

“We do welcome the decision to hold a review of business rates, which are the main barrier to the deployment of large rooftop PV. Additionally, we are pleased to see an extension to the Renewable Heat Incentive, and the introduction of a Low Carbon Heat Support Scheme which categorically must apply to solar heat technologies.”

The STA had called government to deliver a budget that unlocked the potential of solar energy in the UK and empowered the transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Exemption for solar from business rates to bring it in line with gas CHP, fair tax treatment, zero-interest loans for green home improvements and a commitment to procure renewable energy for the civic estate were the key recommendations made to the Treasury in the association’s budget representation. [1]

While the STA welcomed the recent announcement that large-scale ground-mount solar will be included in the next round of state-led clean power auctions, [2] it is seeking a strong commitment from the Government to deliver policies which unlock the potential of rooftop solar too.




Editor’s notes:

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