PRESS RELEASE: STA responds to Labour plans for increased solar deployment

Energy system driven by expanding wind and solar now offers lowest cost pathway

Enabling ‘smart’ homes that interact intelligently with grid could save up to £6.9billion per annum

26th September 2018

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to conference today and widespread media coverage, where he is expected to talk about the Labour Government plans to increase solar deployment, as part of a wider 60% renewable energy target (covering heat and power) STA’s Advocacy Director Leonie Greene said;

“Whatever your politics, the economic facts on the ground are that an energy system driven by expanding wind and solar now offers the lowest cost pathway. The Government estimates that around £180 billion [1] needs to be invested in the electricity sector alone to 2030, so enabling the lowest cost technologies which do not need public subsidy and which do not contribute to climate change, namely solar and onshore wind, would be very good news for consumers. Renewables are also good for our economy as they are not subject to unpredictable global price fluctuations, something we are currently seeing with gas and petrol prices. The jobs created will be spread across all parts of the UK.

Renewables need a flexible electricity system and policy certainty to create long term contracts. That flexibility also means further potentially massive cost savings because it means a more efficient power system overall. For example, a recent analysis[2] shows enabling ‘smart’ homes that interact intelligently with the electricity grid could save up to £6.9billion per annum.

Building more solar and wind generation will now drive lower energy costs for consumers than any alternative future system. But we need the market framework to facilitate this future and stimulate investment.”


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