Statement for industry on FiT band reaching capacity limits.

The >50kW of the Feed-in-Tariff has now closed, having reached capacity. Yesterday Ofgem published an update to the FiT deployment caps showing the PV >50kW cap has now reached its 41,027kW capacity. We wrote to BEIS yesterday expressing concern at the poor communication of data which has left members and investors with stranded projects.

There are no issues with the sub 50kW bands. A substantial amount of capacity remains for small-scale PV installations, with over 85% and 70% of capacity still available for systems smaller than 10kW, and between 10-50kW respectively. It is very unlikely that the limits for these bands will be breached.

The PV >50kW cap limit being met on the 13th March means that any large-scale PV installations, including community energy projects, that have not already been granted preliminary accreditation will be unable to gain FiT accreditation within this band. Understandably, this is particularly frustrating for many members that received the Ofgem update on the 15th March, which indicated that less than 80% of the deployment band had been filled. In fact, the cap limit was reached on the 13th of March.The STA is also liaising with Ofgem to express frustration over the handling of communication with the industry.

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