ENA Consultation on Interactivity and Queue Management – STA response

In response the Energy Networks Association consultation on Interactivity and Queue management: Open Networks Project Workstream 2, Product 5 the following response is submitted. The ENA’s proactivity with regards to forming best practice guidance on interactivity and queue management is commendable. The streamlining and standardisation of queue management processes such as these will be of increasing importance in the coming era of widespread variable generation co-existing with flexibility services. However, when considering connections to the grid, it is important to consider the holistic process as well as specific segments such as interactivity. Aside from the questions below, what remains important with regards to connections remains visibility and access to up to date data. This includes recent and consistent heat maps, which would be extremely valuable at the pre-application stage. We urge that this be considered in tandem with the Interactivity and Queue Management workstream as some remain a considerable obstacle to those connecting to the grid.

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