The STA Repair Agreement

We are delighted you took the decision to invest in a solar PV or solar thermal system and hope you enjoy many years of trouble-free savings. However, as with all electrical and heating systems, things can occasionally go wrong and components wear out.

If your original installation company is still trading then it should be a simple matter to ask them to repair your solar system for you, especially if it’s still under guarantee. If that company is no longer trading it can be more difficult. Other installers may be reluctant to repair the system because there can be hidden flaws. So installers considering repairing the system are concerned they might uncover additional work they had not budgeted for and they could inherit liability for pre-existing flaws they don’t know about. As a result many simply prefer not take the risk and so only offer to remove the existing system and refit a whole new system to their own design.

Firstly you should check if your original installer arranged an insurance-backed warranty for you. You should then contact the insurer to check if you are covered. If you are, the insurer should take care of everything for you.

If you’’re still having no luck then STA members can help and this page describes how to get that help. We’’ve also created a repair agreement below, which the STA member may ask you to sign as it defines the basis of their work for you. Please note this is intended to act more as guidance as to the limitations of the service being offered and has not been tested in the event of a disagreement.

To find an STA member willing to help, simply click on the below button. That will then generate a list of local companies who can help you, subject of course to you signing the Repair Agreement.


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Click here to download the STA repair agreement